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Metronidazole Flagyl

Related post: To cure tooth-ache, root powder is applied to the gum Purchase Flagyl of the affected tooth for about five minutes. The rooL used as a chewing stick is reported to hasten healing. The antimicrobial property of the chewing stick has been investigated by El. Said ejE al . (1971). See also Lewis & Elvin-Lewis, 1977. To cure a sore throat salt is added to powdered root bark, two tablespoonf uls are taken in warm or cold water twice daily until well. In cases of indigestion a teaspoontul of powdered root bark taken in warm water eases stool ing. Root bark is soaked in sterile water for twelve hours, a tablespoonful of resulting solution is taken three times daily to treat gonorrhea or as a urinary antiseptic (Oliver, 1959). As a cure for impotence a bit of dried ground mixture of root bark with the organs of Purchase Flagyl Online a hippopotamus, goat and cock is eaten with corn meal pudding or warm water every morning. Sufferers from sickle-cell Flagyl 500 Mg anaemia are encouraged to drink a decoction of boiled roots of Z. zanthoxyloides . For obesity, the washed root bark is dried, scraped with a snail shell and powdered. The powder Flagyl Buy is then rubbed all over the body. Flagyl And A portion of scraped bark is also boiled in a clay pot and the resulting liquid is used for bathing. 6. MAJOR CHEMICAL CONSTITUENTS AND MEDICINAL Cheap Flagyl Online PRODUCTS Oliver (1959) reported the following constituents - skimminianine, fagaridine, artarine, fagarine oil, fagarol and pseudofagarol from the root bark. The action of artarine, according to Dalziel (1937) is to cause muscular irritation and physiological effects similar to those caused by vetratrine and the former may be a possible substitute for the latter in medicine. Lewis & Elvin-Lewis (1977) reported the isolation of fagoronine from the root bark. In Nigeria, major research Flagyl Mg on possible medicinal use is focused on isolation and characterisation of antisickling agents from the root of this plant. Sofowora and Isaacs (1971) reported the reversal of sickling and crenation in erythrocytes by the root extracts of Z. zanthoxyloides. Flagyl Cheap From the phenolic fraction of the timber oil of this species, Eshiett and Taylor (1966 and 1968) isolated and characterised xanthoxylol which when tested showed antisickling activity in vitro (Adeoyc, 1978). Sofowora et^ al. (1975) identified and isolated 2 - hydroxyroethyl benzoic acid as an antisickling agent from the root of the species. - 249 - Other extracts reported by these authors Cheap Flagyl include alkaloids, resins, phenolics, saponin and oil. Odebiyi and Sofowora (1978) reported alkaloids, Flagyl 400 saponin, and tannin from the root, stem and bark of Z. zanthoxyloides while Okogun et al. (1978) identified among other extracts, glycosides - hesperidln and diosmin. Hesperidin has been reported to be an antifertility agent. Terpenoids, alkaloids, phenols and flavonoids were also reported by the the latter authors* 7. HARVESTING, CONSERVING AND PREPARATION No details other than under section 5. 8. Flagyl Online ECONOMICS AND MARKETING Marketed locally. 9. SILVICS Regenerates naturally from seed. 10. MAJOR DISEASES None known. 11. OTHER USES Flagyl Flagyl A mixture of the pounded seeds of Zanthoxylum zanthoxyloides Flagyl Buy Online and the kernels of Detarium sp. is used for flavouring butter (Dalziel, 1937). The ripe seeds may also be used Metronidazole Flagyl as pepper. In Senegal the Flagyl 5 Mg seeds are used for necklaces. The dried and pulverised leaves are sometimes used in West Africa to flavour food. In certain villages in Ghana Buy Flagyl the leaves are fed to sheep (Irvine, 1961). Dickson and Giwa (1980) reported that the tannin extract from Z. zanthoxyloides when mixed with a certain proportion of bark extracts from Rhizophora spp. improves both the colour and penetration hides and skins to an acceptable degree, hence could be used to tan skins or leather. The wood is extremely hard, close grained, durable Buy Cheap Flagyl and termite proof; it is sometimes figured and likened to satinwood (Dalziel, 1937). The timber is used for building purposes and is also an excellent tirewood. The branches contain an inflammable resin and are used for processional torches by the villagers. The young shoots are used as chewsticks. THE PARASYMPATHETIC NERVOUS SYSTEM � The p-sympathetic preganglionic neurons are craniosacral. � The ganglia lay close to the Buy Flagyl Cheap innervated organs and thus the preganglionic nerves are long and the post ganglionic are short. Cholinergic fibers: (synthesize and release Ach) 1. Autonomic ganglia (symp and P-symp). 2. Preganglionic fibers to adrenal medulla, 3. Postganglionic fibers of all parasympathetic. 4. Few sympathetic postganglionic fibers (sweat glands and few sympathetic fibers to Flagyl 500mg blood vessels in skeletal muscles). 5. Somatic motor nerve endings (neuromuscular junction, NMJ). 6. Certain sites Flagyl Purchase in the CNS. Neurotransmission at cholinergic neurons Acetyl Choline is synthesized in the cytoplasm of the terminals of cholinergic nerves. 1 -Biosynthesis of Acetyl Choline takes place in two main steps: - Active transport (through carrier) of choline (4ry ammonium) into the nerve terminal. This is the rate limiting step in Ach synthesis. - Choline transport can be inhibited by hemicholinium. - Acetylcholine is synthesized from acetyl CoA and choline through the
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